“And The Winner Is…” Launches Film Industry’s Indie Site

Mar 2009 Magazine Launch at Kress Nightclub in Hollywood

Mar 2009 Magazine Launch at Kress Nightclub in Hollywood

(Hollywood) March 10, 2009 – After all the Academy Award predictions and glitter have settled, one magazine and companion website have emerged as the on-target resource for the entertainment world’s most coveted event.

“And The Winner Is…” is the glamorous brainchild of Marcie Polier, the original founder of ACNielsen/EDI, the world’s most respected box-office research service. Utilizing over 26 years of motion picture tracking experience, the publication successfully predicted 11 of 13 winners and has now carved itself a uniquely powerful niche in the business of Hollywood’s most important business.

“We look at nuances significantly more subtle and refined to hone our selections,“ Polier explained. “We have access to a vast resource of proprietary statistical research and we carefully merge that with cultural and emotional considerations that affect current trends,” she added.

It’s not all science, Polier emphasizes. It’s also great fun – including the website’s recent gala Launch Party at the high profile Kress nightclub. The printed magazine was distributed to an elite circle of film industry professionals, parties, and was even delivered to prestige hotels as “pillow” gifts for guests.

Polier was originally prompted to create the publication after witnessing media hosts fumble with misstated facts about the movies and very little at all to say about the actual business of ‘the business’. Once she provided the research, the media began to rely on the publication to help prepare for the Oscar specials. “Word spread and soon all of Hollywood, from the studios, media, agencies, salons, restaurants and parties were utilizing our research to prepare for the Oscars,” Polier said.

The 2009 edition is available on-line at and is targeted as a resource guide for all print, radio and television media as well as Hollywood insiders, studios, and distributors. “Our goal is to raise the bar in providing solid, quantifiable information as well as have some fun in the process,” Polier added.

The Editors

The Editors

Editors Note: For further information or to arrange an interview with Marcie Polier, contact Scott Regberg at (310) 475-5735 or

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