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Here at “And The Winner Is…” publishing headquarters, we celebrate everything Oscar© and everything movie. We launched our magazine in 1988, at Entertainment Data, Inc, (EDI)a company well known in Hollywood for gathering the overnight box office data for the industry and the media. Since we had all the numbers, why not calculate what they all mean at the Academy Awards? We were the first to quantify how much money was at stake for best picture winners, and what trends Oscar winners tended to follow. Our analysis, sent out to broadcast and print media, Hollywood insiders and Academy partygoers, is a must for predicting the winners.

The Oscars encourage indulgence in the movies no matter what is going on in the real world. With “And The Winner Is…” as your handicap, discover the art of successfully picking the winners of the Oscar races. Surprise and delight your family and friends with your expertise.

This year there has been much talk in the media over the real characters that actor’s portray. We expanded on that theme of real roles to include stats on true stories in many of the other categories. So be sure to look for the real reels trends on our ‘race’ pages.

Also, whatever your Oscar style, we have a party plan for you accompanied by interesting facts and movie stats. Visit our website to purchase or download our current and archived issues. Then share your thoughts with us here at the Blog! Our “Talk to Me Reviews” were designed with you in mind! We’ll tell you where we went for dinner and a movie over the weekend, if you’ll tell us your thoughts on the eateries we patron and the movies we critiqued. The goal is to keep the conversation going, to stay up to date with the latest news on climbing stars, budding writers and directors, and to look forward to who might be making a move toward next year’s Oscar night gold!

Have fun with the movies, and Happy Handicapping!

The Publisher


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